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Judy Power

As a Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor (500 hr++ teaching full-time for 20+ years) & Holistic Health Educator, the majority of my Yoga training has been at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts, where I continue training, and assist in programs.
The following programs have supported my teaching abilities and my creativity:

 I've taken & assisted many Yoga, self-growth & spiritual-based programs at Kripalu since 1994, including:
 The Psychological Benefits of Yoga; Yoga & Meditation; Yoga & the Quest for the True Self; Anatomy of Movement;
Yoga, Pilates and Core Strength; Teaching the Deeper Practises,
Yoga & Buddhism, Working with Special Populations et al.
Kripalu Yoga, the Yoga of Mindfulness and Compassion, has inspired me to bring the essence of its teachings
into my classes and workshops.

I have taught all levels of Yoga and given Holistic Health workshops in St. John's, the Avalon and beyond. My classes have included preschoolers, teenagers, young adult, & seniors in various settings - schools, businesses (after-work) and at my location. Teaching Gentle Yoga to people living with illness or injury has been one of my most rewarding experiences.

As a Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor my focus is to increase awareness around how Yoga can help
improve the quality of your life.

Come try a Kripalu Yoga Class and learn to connect with yourself.

Yoga helps to increase internal awareness in our physical, mental, emotional, and subtle energy bodies, helping to develop patience, understanding, compassion and mindfulness in our practice, and support us as we bring that into
our life.